• Are you searching for making your services more attractive?
  • Is it in your intentions to reward your clientele with cheaper satellite communications?
  • Do you want to have a competitive advantage towards your competitors?
  • Are you capable of trading low cost satellite termination rates?
  • Are you simple aiming at decreasing your costs and increasing your profits while maintaining the quality of offered service?


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Satellite calls

Discover the new cost effective way of evolving your communication scheme

Alnifolia is a VoIP provider specialized in satellite telecommunication which aims to provide its customers with best value for money satellite call termination. Among our clientele honorably stand local and international top-tier telecommunication providers around the globe that help us overcome our limited physical constrains and offer our service to their customers around the globe.

Alnifolia's Outline

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Alnifolia's server

Satellite calls


  • Cost reduction of current satellite termination
  • Differentiation integrant for enhanced positioning in the market
  • Guaranteed quality of offered service through constant traffic monitoring
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Reassurance of high ASRs and ACDs; and low PDD delivery

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