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A team of innovative entrepreneurs from the maritime industry – one captain with long experience on board and on shore, one IT manager specialized in serving maritime companies and one international satellite communication reseller. We use this experience in conjunction with our international network of maritime companies, IT service providers and telecommunication operators in order to offer reliable VoIP solutions and cover the universal demand for cost efficient connection between people on shore and people on ships.


We have successfully transplanted the best practice, work ethic and professional experience gained during our tenure with large multinational companies to a smaller, much more flexible scheme which can easily adjust to each client’s specific requirements without sacrificing our professionalism. The application of highest standards for traffic monitoring and excellence in sourcing allow us to provide quality-focused and cost efficient services to our customers and therefore allow us to sustain an international network of customers ranging from shipping companies to telecommunication providers.


Our top priority is to constantly monitor our traffic and ensure we deliver high ASRs, ACDs, and low PDD. Premium Routing Service is designed for network operators whose retail subscribers expect high QoS at competitive market rates.

We offer

  • Best Quality VoIP Calls
  • A to Z Voice Termination
  • Low VOIP Rates and Stable Connection for Satellite calls
  • Support Service 24 x 7
  • Retail and Wholesale VoIP Services
  • Competitive SIP Termination
  • DID Numbers for Receiving Incoming Calls